ef ~a tale of melodies~ Promo Video

Alright! More ef ~a fairy tale of the two~!! Seeing as the first season (ef ~a tale of memories~) was so good…at least Chihiro’s and Renji’s part…and the awesomeness that was the OP for ef ~the latter tale~, I am completely excited for this new season! If the production value and story telling are the […]

Favorite Anime Moments

This was brought up by “Ra[ze]-ha-ru” over at a MySpace group I visit every so often, that group is Anime in Progress run by figure maniac and fellow blogger Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures. This none other than a copy and paste {with a few edits} of what I wrote over there. I […]

Riuva Contest!

Hey Riuva.com is having a contest and anyone can participate! There are 3 categories and you can enter any of them, yes that means you can enter all three! Each as their own prize: 1) The GAR-Liner {Gurren Laggan T-Shirt} 2) The Romantic Otaku {ef handphone strap and Mascot} 3) The 2nd Demotivational Contest {Cactuar […]