Da Capo III 13

So, who is it, Kiyotaka? The choice should be obvious, but we all know you aren’t going to make the right decision. And well, he doesn’t even make a decision! I expected that… trying for the harem route, eh? Shitty ending. But there’s hope for a better one. If going by how Da Capo has […]

Da Capo III 11 – What?

Damn, dunno what to think of this. There should have been some text or something saying what was going on. But from what I gathered, Ricca and Kiyotaka were the ones who planted the Everlasting Cherry Blossom. And going by that image up there, are the parents of Sakura and Jun’ichi? IIRC… weren’t they cousins? […]

Da Capo III 03

SAKURAAAA~~ It’s not Da Capo without Sakura… and it’s not Sakura without Tamura Yukari… WHY ISN’T SHE VOICED BY TAMURA YUKARI!? WHAT IS THIS SHIT!? (屮゚Д゚)屮 Felt weird when I heard her speak and realize it wasn’t Tamura Yukari. lol Been three episodes and I’m starting to lose interest but will give it a few […]