Chuu2koi – Disillusioned

We saw it coming. We all could have guessed Nibutani also had a dark history in chuunibyou. And yes, she wrote the book Dekomori treats as a bible. And yes, that bible is the reason she joined the Far East club (not gonna write the whole name lol). But what we couldn’t have guessed, was […]

Chuu2koi – Mental, But Cute

KyoAni made ADHD absurdly cute, and it struck oil with it, now they turn their heads towards another disorder… being mental. In this case, it’s “chuunibyou” 中二病 (also written as 厨二病). It describes a child who, usually when hitting puberty, has become too overly conscious of their self-esteem and act out. This acting out varies […]