Blood-C – Bloody Awesome

Oh man, and here I thought this anime couldn’t get any more bloody or gruesome…they upped the ante in the final episode! Now the whole town got covered in blood and dismembered corpses as jackass Fumito lets all hell break loose. Though I gotta say, some of those deaths were pretty hilarious to watch. The […]

Blood-C – I Don’t Know WTF

So the twins and Tokizane, who were all killed by the Elder Bairns, are alive and kicking. And once they open their mouths, turns out they are really total assholes. WTF? The whole town was created as a project to see what makes Saya ‘Saya.’ Her memories were taken and rewritten a few times it […]

Blood C – Noooo!

Awww man…both twins are dead… D: Didn’t expect this, you know, considering they were Saya’s friends and higher on the protection list. I thought Saya would go all out and save her friends, but she failed on both occasions. Also, she does forget the demon hunting she does, a combination of her father and Fumito […]

Blood C – So Wait…

she doesn’t remember the things she does at night? Are day Saya and night Saya two different personalities? I have no fucking idea…maybe she does some cleansing ritual (like where cleans off the blood off herself [and the sword]) which makes her forget what she did? I dunno, but things just got more exciting as […]