BLEACH – Best Filler Arc EVAR!

Well, so far at least, you never know whether it will suck or not by just a few episodes. But hell, if those few episodes were this awesome enough to make me wanna watch BLEACH again, then it is the best damn filler EVAR! I haven’t been following BLEACH [anime] ever since the Soul Society […]

BLEACH – /me got a hard on

OH YOUR GOD!!! NEL HAS BEEN RELEASED!!! Hehe, been waiting for this since episode 146, but I had to wait longer than expected because of yet another dumb@ss filler arc. I didn’t watch that arc, but I took glimpses while my brother was watching and grasped what it was about…and even with that limited knowledge, […]

53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

Well, you’ve read my Top Ten Anime Songs {OP Version}, and now it’s time for my Top Ten Anime Songs {ED Version}!! I could’ve had this done weeks ago, but I neglected it and I was contemplating whether if I should also allow current songs to have a chance in being on the list. I […]

Cirucci Thunderwitch

/me Frantically Squeals like a little girl “KYAAA~!” “OMG!! LOOK IT’S CIRUCCI!!!” “SHE LOOKS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!” /me has a religious experience *Mouth Foams* *Dies* It’s one of those random cases where I, for no apparent reason, fall in love with a minor character. I loved her during the manga, loved her fight against Ishida, […]