Amagami SS+ – A Challenger Apppears!

And she’s has declared an all out war by attempting to steal Jun’ichi from Ayatsuji! Jun’ichi being the masochist that he is, he might just fall for Kurosawa’s evil glare. But of course, Ayatsuji has the better evil glare, you could visually see Jun’ichi having an orgasm! lol I’ll believe in Jun’ichi for now, I […]

Amagami SS – Late Reaction

HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP AYATSUJI 180 PERSONALITY CHANGE!! HNNNGGGGGHH!!! Late reaction is late. Dam, I haven’t posted anything in almost a month…what the hell have I been doing that I forgot about this little place? I don’t think I was even doing anything… >_> Oh well, leave it to Black Ayatsuji and M Junichi to […]

Amagami SS – M

TEACHER THANKS FOR SPANKING ME! *Paraphrased Not only did he thanked the hot teacher he drooled over for spanking him {teacher had no idea why she was thanked though} but he shouted out LOUDLY why the breast of a certain BEST GIRL IN AMAGAMI are the best breast in Amagami! AND IN FRONT OF A […]

Amagami SS – Sae Arc End

Death by Moe! The only way to die-nyan~! The arc was fun, more than expected thanks to the narration which made it that much funnier. Sae was cute but wasn’t really a fan of her voice, Konno Hiromi, couldn’t even watch the full ED sequence. Which is weird considering I love Satomi Arai’s voice, which […]

Amagami SS – Voice From Above

The third arc of Amagami SS has one great thing the previous arcs didn’t, and that is THE VOICE OF GOD narration! The narration makes this arc a hella of a lot funnier than it’s supposed to be. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this arc as Nakata Sae didn’t strike me as someone interesting […]

Amagami SS – Haruka Arc End

So this brings an end to Morishima Haruka’s arc, which I found a bit facepalm worthy. He reminded her of her dead doggy? I lolwtf’d…that gotta suck for Junichi. (BTW…this is the first time I remembered his name, and…JUNICHI!? 2L8ForDaCapo jokes -_-) Anyways, props to Junichi and managing to keep a hook on Haruka FOR […]

Amagami SS – A New Fetish?

More over armpits there’s a new fetish in town! LOL Wow, I seriously did not expect Tachibana to choose behind the knees to kiss. Seeing him on all four previous episode’s preview, I thought he would go for the butt. This though was the perfect choice since Morishima must be entertained/surprised AT ALL TIMES! Seriously, […]