AKB0048 24 – Chieri ;_;

Aww… man… that wasn’t fair. Seemed like a scene for father and daughter to get closer to each other. To break that wall, door in their case, down and meet. Chieri sung to her father on the other side of the door, she has done it before when she was younger, she only wants to […]

AKB0048 20 – Mimori’s Succession

Yeah, she’s succeeding, not graduating like a certain other (real life) AKB member who shaved her head. I was really excited to see who she would succeed. The build up was there, and I had my speculations, which THANKFULLY didn’t come true lol, so when they finally revealed who’s name she was going to take, […]

AKB0048 18

Well, I didn’t expect this. The anti-entertainment group are ENTERTAINING THEMSELVES BY BETTING ON HOW LONG AKB0048 WILL KEEP THEIR CONCERT GOING! Doesn’t seem they care now that it has been exposed… they just care about the Kirara Phenomenon:

AKB0048 17

I know it was unintended. It’s no place for that. But I just couldn’t take it out of my mind. Chieri was hyperventilating when her name was called to go on stage as she was in 6th place. She had decided before the night of the elections to quit being an idol if she were […]

AKB0048 15-16

Chieri has been enjoying her time in the spotlight. It couldn’t have come at a better time as the General Elections have begun, an election where fans vote for their favorite idols. The top ten are announced to everyone watching, netting them more deal/fans, and the number one spot becomes the Center Nova.

AKB0048 – To Be Next Stage

Thirteen episodes of AKB0048 in two days. Done. Finished. Time well spent, NO REGRETS! I’ve said it before, I didn’t know how fantastic and awesome this anime was. Just looking at it and learning of its premise put me off… I mean, shouldn’t I be eating this up? I’m all for cute girls, and cute […]


These girls applied to the AKB0048 idol audition because they want to sing and dance so they could bring happiness to their fans. Exactly what an idol should do… but what is the first audition about? The manager made them be security guards. Their task was to protect the onstage AKB0048 members so their concert […]