Aikatsu! 50

All these crying Aoi scenes… I can’t handle them! (´;д;`) What a way to end this series… or rather, the first part. Aikatsu S2~! Having had invested in this anime for fifty episodes and watching these two best friends walk down the path of idolhood together, it was really hard to watch these two go […]

This Week in Anime [09-10-13]

OMG, Yura. Seriously. How much shittier can you get!? Though I must admit. I’m liking this because it’s completely unexpected. First we get cute girls shooting each other with airsoft. Then we get some supernatural shit with Yura’s imagination actually manifesting onto the real world (seriously, what happened to this?), then we get teen angst […]

This Week in Anime [07-30-13]

Senki Zesshou Symphogear raises Chris death flags! (´;д;`) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO what is this!? It may not even be a death flag, but it’s a flag for something bad happening to Chris. She’s singing her heart out, enjoying herself, and realized that is where she belongs. THE SCENE SCREAMS ‘FLAG’ SO LOUDLY GODDAMMIT I hope I’m utterly […]

This Week in Anime [07-09-13]

SO KAWAII UGUU~ Watashi ga Motenai no ha Dou Kangaetemo Omae ga Warui! is painful to watch. AND SO HILARIOUS! Feel bad for her, but still end up laughing my ass off. A new season started, and with me watching almost everything, this is going to be looooong!

This Week in Anime [06-18-13]

KURONEKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!? lol That’s why she lost. On the other hand, Ayase still MAI ANGEL~ What’s more, next episode MORE AYASE HNG

Aikatsu! – Catching Up

There’s so many new anime which have started to air, so why did I set a whole day just to watch this!? BECAUSE CUTE IDOLS! It’s fun to watch, and that’s all I really care about. But it leaves me feeling wanting more from Aikatsu! This anime is aimed at little girls to teach them […]