[Unimportant Post] MOAR Image Fixing

A long time ago I fixed two images out of sheer boredom. And thanks to it, I got a tiny bit of experience at editing images. It’s been a while since then and I haven’t gotten the urge, or was bored enough, to fix an image. But I fixed this because my brother requested it. […]

Do You Love Firefox?

Then why not help the people at Mozilla set a new Guinness World Record? They’re aiming for “Most Software Download in 24 hours” and all you have to do is download Firefox 3, which is faster and safer, on June 17, 2008! Simple!! ^_^ Show your love for THE best browser by helping it go […]

Personal Record!!

Holy cr@p! That’s the fastest uTorrent has ever gone!! It’s usually at around 600kbps~1.0Mbps, so I was surprised a bit. Now I have a new {useless} record!!! ^_^ But it’s nothing compared to the speed I had on IRC the other day, believe it or not, it was at INFINITY speed!! Seriously! It had the […]

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

We all know about the format war that has been going on with these two. What will be the next standard for video {or video-games}? Which one will replace the DVD? Only time {or the porn industry} will tell! ;) But I’ve been looking at their specifications and wondered, “Will the thing I wanted for […]