Kurenai – Filler done right!

Usually, a filler episode on an anime with a nice streaks of great episodes dampens the enjoyment. But there are rare instances where this filler episode is so enjoyable it’s just feels it was necessary for future episodes. In the case of Kurenai, I think it was needed for Murasaki’s sake. She needs to have […]

New Hobby

Nagato Yuki, SHE WILL ROCK YOUR SOUL!! As if I don’t have enough hobbies to waste time on, I picked up the guitar again. I haven’t played, or touched, a guitar since my junior year in High School, which was three years ago…which also means I completely forgot how to play it… -_- My younger […]


Ah~ ^_^ The episode we all have been waiting for, the moment we’ve been dying to see after arriving on Neo-Venezia, Mizunashi Akari as become a Prima Undine!! ^_^ Although it wasn’t as dramatic or surprising as Alice’s promotion, this was still a joyous moment that fitted Akari’s calm and optimistic nature. I just loved […]

53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

Well, you’ve read my Top Ten Anime Songs {OP Version}, and now it’s time for my Top Ten Anime Songs {ED Version}!! I could’ve had this done weeks ago, but I neglected it and I was contemplating whether if I should also allow current songs to have a chance in being on the list. I […]