Diabolik Lovers 01

Man, where to start? This was literally the worst first episode of any anime, I have EVER watched. I was completely flabbergasted for the whole twenty four minutes of this utter pile of garbage. Normally, I would stop the exact moment I stop enjoying the anime, but as I was live tweeting the episode I […]

Aikatsu! 50

All these crying Aoi scenes… I can’t handle them! (´;д;`) What a way to end this series… or rather, the first part. Aikatsu S2~! Having had invested in this anime for fifty episodes and watching these two best friends walk down the path of idolhood together, it was really hard to watch these two go […]

These Two Weeks in Anime [10-05-13]

Hahahaha oh damn, forgot to do last week’s update. Not my fault, it’s all Kantai Collection‘s fault!! I got so into it that I forgot to update this blog. It’s okay, I can just make on huge post with last week and This Week in Anime! With many anime ending, and many more just starting, […]