Tamayura ~More Aggressive~

More Aggressively pulling at our heartstrings.

Tamayura is ruthless. It will not ease up on you and will pull dem feels out of you episode by episode. I almost thought I would run out of tears at one point. It does a very good job in evoking the emotions it wants from you, most of the time, it involves you crying.

Not always from sadness though, but also from happiness and joy.

However, the most memorable and effective ones are the sad parts…



The pains of separations and new beginnings.

Although I did feel using the death of her father many times as a way to pull at our emotions was overused, that is a central part of what makes Fuu want to be stronger and be more aggressive towards her dreams in life, so I overlooked it and let it manipulate me into shedding those tears.

There were many moments in this anime where I felt too emotional and had to pause for a bit as I needed time to catch my breath to continue. I had to calm down! Not many anime make me do that. This is what I expect of “iyashikei” (“soothing”) anime and Tamayura definitely delivered.

Easily one of my favorites~



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