KamiNomi: Goddesses Arc 12


(´;д;`) Awww man, these Chihiro parts still get me. He was an asshole, but at least he knows what he did and still regrets it.

All the Goddesses have been drawn out and and Vintage has been stopped, should be a case for celebration, but it wasn’t a happy ending for everyone.




I was hoping we would get the battle we didn’t get in the manga. The Goddesses vs Vintage ended in what, a single page? Similar thing happened with the anime, I was hoping for too much.

This ends the Goddesses arc, it was quite the bittersweet ending and overall a good adaptation. Wasn’t too thrilled about it because of the skipped conquest and some changes, but was a good run nonetheless. Though most of my enjoyment of the Goddesses Arc (in both anime and manga) was because of the first heroine, who also ended up being the final heroine, Ayumi~♥

And we got to see her in wedding dress~


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