Neptunia 10


Great job with this scene. The way they did it was fantastic, the impact was super effective!

It got me, it really did. (´;д;`)

Make us believe Peashy lost all her memories, remembers no one, and must leave them without ever knowing who they are. But just as they were about to teleport, she kept staring at the pudding Neptune gave her, and a split second before she disappeared, all sound stopped, everything was silent, all we heard was Peashy saying:



And she was gone…

Just remembering it gets me again.

Then transition to a ballad for the ED with past scenes of Neptune and Peashy, AAHHHHH I’m tearing up! (´;д;`)



One thought on “Neptunia 10

  1. Yes, exceptional execution. Neptune hadn’t built up the character relationships enough to get me emotionally touched under ordinary circumstances, but great execution makes up for a lot here.

    Also liked how Peashy reacted to all her past friends during the farewell – not rejecting them, but being completely indifferent anyway. I can certainly image myself acting that way if a bunch of strangers came to bid me farewell with tears in their eyes and promises of eternal friendship.

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