Doki Doki Precure 16

I love how she puts herself in a higher standing than others.

I’ll “let” you be my friend.

Being the daughter of Selfishness, it’s a matter of fact that she gets everything her way. And whatever she wants, she’ll get. What she wants now, is Mana!


I was thinking Rikka would be the one to be the most jealous, and although she did show jealousy, it was Makoto who was the most jealous of them all.


Or rather, angry.

I’m with Mana on this one. Although Regina is King Selfishness’ daughter, she didn’t have anything to do with the attack on Trump Kingdom. Makoto is blaming her just because she is the daughter of the culprit.

I can see where Makoto is coming from, her whole world was destroyed by Selfishness, but I don’t think she’s has the right to be angry and hate Regina for something Regina had no part in. If she was angry for previous episode’s ordeal, I’ll say it’s justified. But she’s blaming the fall of the Trump Kingdom on Regina. That isn’t right.



She’s the daughter of the embodiment of Selfishness, being selfish is in her nature, so I see why she takes an interest in selfless Mana, who is her polar opposite. But because she doesn’t know what a true friend is, she wants Mana to herself and doesn’t want Mana hanging out with Alice, Rikka, and Makoto. Which leads to this episode’s monster of the week.

I still think her power is hax, ripping selfishness out of random person. lol

Still hope to see a Selfishness born of a precure. She can make it happen, no?

Maybe, but for now, Regina is thinking about what makes a friend.


Seed planted.

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