OreShura 13 – A Winner is…


Of course.

Expected. So no surprise there.

Then again, everyone won! lol Himeka got a new, more interesting (chuu2) setting, and Ai…



Ai got her stamp!! dat jumping around from happiness~

And not to be upstaged, Chiwa also got a kiss:


And Masuzu her just desserts~


No clear winrar, something this type of anime usually does so I wasn’t expecting anything. The anime was dumb as hell and actually was close to stopping from watching it, but I at least wanted to see how the other two girls were and kept watching. I’ll say that was a good decision as the anime was, while shitty, fun for me to watch.

Funny how I started watching only for Masuzu, but ended up watching for Ai and disliking Masuzu as the series went on!

Also, still best OP of season!

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