Vividred Operation 12 – Vivid Red!

Oh, I wasn’t expecting red when docking with black! lol

Going by the pattern:

Aoi (blue hair) = Vivid Blue
Wakaba (green hair) = Vivid Green
Himawari (yellow hair) = Vivid Yellow

I was hoping for Vivid Black, or something. But now we know what the “Vividred” in “Vividred Operation” really means. Rei x Akane docking!




Save the best for last.

So was that crow… raven?… working for the Alones? Or the beings in the mobius?

You know, although I loved Vividred Operation, I wasn’t too keen on the story. There are a few questions I have that I don’t know what the fuck… Maybe should have paid more attention.


Well, the ending was fine. Taking down the big bad, restoring Rei’s world, becoming friends with Rei, then saying good-bye not a minute later, emotional good-bye, and Rei returning five minutes later. All condensed in less than 30 minutes, but I thought it was great! Loved it!

Now if only I had payed attention to what was actually going on. >_>

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