Love Live! 13

How come these girls can’t be honest with each other, tell it like it is, and not beat around the bush? This drama wouldn’t have happened if Kotori just said she didn’t want to go and still wants to keep being a school idol. She wanted Honoka to tell her not to go, she wanted to be stopped.

But Honoka is depressed, she isn’t herself so she isn’t going to be upfront about her feelings like she always was. I’m not hating this development, I won’t call it forced drama, it’s just it’s so simple to solve. Was the same with the other girls. So should be the same with Kotori, no?

I quite liked a depressed Honoka. I knew she wasn’t going to last long in that state so I wasn’t too worried. lol I was only thinking how she was going to change Kotori’s mind, who had already decided to leave… but Kotori’s mind wasn’t completely made, she only needed to be told not to leave. :/

In all, I enjoyed this anime, it was great fun. Their final concert being their first song, on the same stage, as their very first concert, but this time with all nine members and a full house, was a nice touch. START:DASH is my favorite song~

I wanted to see the Love Live competition though… too bad we didn’t get to see any of that… not even A-RISE’s winning concert. Anime is all about Muse’s so I guess that’s fine. lol


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