Kotoura-san 12


Feels like it’s been so long since I’ve posted about Kotoura-san. I didn’t really like what was going on with that detective arc. It was dumb. And the episodes were nearing the end of the run so I was worried whether they’ll end the show with that arc.

Thankfully, they didn’t.


I hated the mother since episode one. She’s a terrible person. And has been thorough the whole series. So when she showed a bit of concern for Kotoura and was actually looking out for her, I thought there might be hope for her yet.

The surprise visit was to give more spark to that hope.



After a verbal (and pillow) fight where they threw their own emotions at each other, they came to understand each other a bit more.

It's great seeing Kotoura near her mother looking so peacefully after all the shit she's been through. She's usually cowering and is taken by fear not knowing what her mother might say, or think.

Mother disappeared in the morning, but looks like the two can still get along… and her mother is changing to a better person. (She’s still horrible though.)

After all the hell she went through because of her mind reading ability, Kotoura deserves the happiness she’s found.


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