AKB0048 26 – Still Best Anime

Acchan successor Nagisa and Center Nova Chieri! How fukken amazing can this anime get!? And it’s second season ending was most spectacular. So much awesome going on.


Nagisa succeeds Acchan. Though to be honest, no surprise there. I mean, she does look like her, has ribbon in same place, and is (supposedly) main heroine. I just felt it wasn’t really deserving… she didn’t do much through the series, no? She ranked up in my mind when she declared Chieri her rival, but that’s about it.

But still, standing up to the crowd while getting pummeled by the things they’re throwing made her a lot more awesome in my eyes.

Though my favorite is Chieri:




Instead of fighting with weapons, she decided to use songs to fight off the DES. AND SHE REACHES CENTER NOVA RADIANCE! And that radiance deflected bullets lolol


Her father got shot just when they were about to reach out to each other, she has the right to go crazy in rage, but instead sings her heart out in hopes her songs reach the hearts of everyone, even the enemies she’s supposed to fight.



I love that girl so much~

Everything in this final episode was fantastic and I loved it. Really gonna miss watching this.

And I’ll say it again, if you haven’t watched this, drop everything and fucking get to it!!

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