Love Live! 11

C’mon, Honoka. Practicing double the normal amount, running in the rain, using all that energy and not replenishing it… of course you’re going to get sick. Though I admire she’s still willing to go through the concert in her condition, we knew it wouldn’t end well.


At least she got through the first song.

Wonder how that will affect their rank. Might drop off the top 20.

Also. Again with this dumb handling concerning the group’s activities. Seeing as how popular they have gotten, how their motives are to save their school… COULDN’T THEY AT LEAST, AT LEAST, GIVEN THEM A TIME SLOT IN THE AUDITORIUM USAGE WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH THAT LOTTERY SHIT!?

I bet the students would be completely fine with giving them that right.

As for the mysterious letter, still don’t know what it is, but it means Kotori leaving Muse’s (and maybe the country?).


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