Da Capo III 11 – What?

Damn, dunno what to think of this. There should have been some text or something saying what was going on. But from what I gathered, Ricca and Kiyotaka were the ones who planted the Everlasting Cherry Blossom. And going by that image up there, are the parents of Sakura and Jun’ichi?

IIRC… weren’t they cousins?

Not sure what’s going on. lol

One thought on “Da Capo III 11 – What?

  1. Jun’ichi and Sakura are cousins. Kiyotaka and Ricca were Sakura’s and Junichi’s grandparents. Those children in the picture are not Sakura and Junichi but, the ones that will grow up, get married, and go on to be the parents of Junichi and Sakura.

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