Love Live! 10 – Training Camp!


Others have something else in mind. lol

A little fun in the beach doesn’t hurt, should take a break from idol activities and enjoy themselves. Practice comes after.


lol oh Nico, it’s really hard not to like you. You’re just too awesome, in a lovable mascot kind of way. But you’re scaring the girls:



Didn’t expect Eri to make a Nico face.

That was scary, but they’ll feel true fear when they awaken the beast. It was sleeping peacefully, and the girls decided to have a pillow fight (instigated by Nozomi). Bad move, girls.



And they all died.


This episodes was about getting the group to come together. Dropping all forms of formalities and modesty so all could be closer friends. But Maki was being a tough nut to crack. She’s always been less social than the other girls, so getting her to be less reserved and natural with them was tough work. Nozomi took it upon herself to break her out of that, she’s experienced, knowing someone exactly like Maki.

With all the girls closer to each other, the group should be less stiff. Time to attack the Love Live! competition!

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