Doki Doki Precure 06 – Cure Sword

She finally a part of the team! All she needed was to be reminded of why she’s singing. And to put all her heart into her songs if she wants them to reach her fans… or a person she is singing for:


Wonder who s/he is…

The moment was short lived though she was going to take that hand and seal the deal:


but they were interrupted and cast into the abyss.

That was actually a good plan on the Selfishness side. They waited for all four to get together to send them all in there. Now the precures aren’t in this world, but in a different one.

But the biggest reveal, was that Mako-pi’s manager was her fairy Dabi all along!




Does that mean the other fairies can transform too? I’m willing to bet we’ll be seeing that.

5 thoughts on “Doki Doki Precure 06 – Cure Sword

  1. Surprise boss at the end was the best moment! I was like oh they defeated the monster! Hooray! Wait what is glasses bro doing!? Totally owned the precure girls ahahah

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