Vividred Operation 09 – Stupid Vivid System

Himawari is so adorably cute~ I can see why Wakaba claimed her as waifu the moment she saw her. She knew Himawari’s hidden potential and treats her as her very own dress up doll.

Though there’s a setback:

Everyone else wants a piece of Himawari!


Wakaba not amused.


“Step away from mai waifu!”


Himawari even caught the eyes of scouts looking out for models for their magazines. Wakaba was more than proud to show off her waifu.





But getting carried away, she forgot her promise to Himawari. Uh oh, trouble in paradise! D:

Or not, Himawari made Wakaba her own personal… um, should I say maid? No she wasn’t wearing a maid outfit, sadly. Slave? I guess so. lol

From putting on her socks to getting video games for her, Wakaba did it all without complaint.

These two work well together. Himawari treasues the hairclips Wakaba gave her and is willing to search for them even when the tide has risen. She was afraid Wakaba would hate her for losing her clips, but of course, Wakaba can’t hate her waifu that easily.

Luckily Wakaba found them and picked them up before the tide rose.

This was a nice bonding moment. Enough to make me think their friendship would overcome the Vivid System and allow them to dock. Somehow. But no. Not happening. Wanted to see them dock so bad.

Stupid Vivid System.

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