Vividred Operation 08

I think they missed a chance here. Rei was so close to probably figuring out who the Vivid girls where. She visited the hospital thinking that’s where they would have taken the ‘red one’ (she was right). But she didn’t get to go in as she met Aoi outside and changed her objective. She could have still gone in afterwards, no?

Connecting the dots about a hurt Akane and the shot down ‘red one’, she might have connected the dots and chance for more internal conflict.

But maybe they have something bigger planned. ┐(´ー`)┌


lol I always wondered about that. And to my disappointment, the reason was exactly what I thought. He gave it all up to make up for the engine accident seven years ago.


Never had gotten hurt before when fighting the Alones, the girls know now how real it is and are taken by fear.

Akane’s boomerang is still materialized, even while her transformation is gone. Meaning that she is still fighting, so although the girls are taken by fear, they too decide to fight!

They can’t dock with each other, which I found to be a letdown. Was hoping to see Wakaba x Himawari, Himawari x Aoi, or Aoi x Wakaba docking… but turns out the system only allows them to dock with Vividred. So they had to destroy the alone with a bomb planted inside of it.

BTW, the suits are called Palette Suits. Was that mentioned before? lol

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