Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 07 – HOLY SHIT TAMA!


Can’t say it was unexpected. She was the only Yagami left after Sasami’s mother took care of Kagami and Tsurugi so I knew she would somehow do something. Didn’t expect her to overpower Sasami or have enough… umm… divinity?, faith?, I don’t know what to call it, but she hand enough to EAT her!


She didn’t bite her though, while throwing a temper tantrum, Tama managed to slap her. Which was enough to give Sasami the chance to perform the sealing ritual her mother taught her before.



I can’t hate Sasami’s mother. She’s only following what she was raised to believe… hell she refers to all the males as “it”, thinking of them as things used only for breeding purposes. So thinking she must keep the Tsukuyomi bloodline going strong, she wanted to make Sasami bear her father’s child… to which she replied:


It gets weirder. Sasami’s mother also calls Kamiomi “brother”.

So is he actually Sasami’s uncle!?

Dunno what the fuck…

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