Mondaiji 07

Ojou-sama got herself a fairy! Always nice to see the sheltered princess go outside and do whatever she wants, cliche but very satisfying to see her enjoying herself with the commoners’ way of fun.



That’s one way to keep the little fairy from harm~

Didn’t realize Asuka was that well endowed! lol

Also, I was expecting You to be the one to lose confidence in her Gift… not Asuka. You doesn’t have a latent Gift like Izayoi or Asuka, she relies on the medallion given to her by her father so I was thinking that if she realize that if she lost the medallion, she would be useless and dead weight.

This work with Asuka too though.

Asuka can command anyone to do her bidding, but the rats she was giving commands to didn’t comply. Of course she’ll lose confidence and be troubled about it. She realizes her gift doesn’t work on a target with a higher standing than her or under the influence of someone in higher standing… like a Demon Lord or Floor Master{?} (not too sure about Floor Master).

This anime is ten episode long, no? WILL IT BE ENOUGH!? AAAHH

And lastly:





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