Love Live! 07 – Reason for the Stick

There will be an event held soon, the Love Live! (HEY IT’S THE NAME OF THE ANIME OMG) event where all school idols participate and fight it out to be top school idol(s). And the student council president is, no surprise here, utterly against Muse’s participating.

She’s been a thorn on Muse’s side this whole time. Since the very beginning she disapproved of EVERYTHING related to Muse’s and their attempt at saving the school with their idol activities. What’s up with her? Why is she so against Muse’s… hell, not even just Muse’s, ALL school idols?

What makes her think they’re all complete amateurs?


Because she knows ballet.

Really? Is that the reason she’s been having a stick up her ass this whole time? Because she thinks everyone’s dancing is shit compared to her ballet!?

Because of that she doesn’t want Muse’s to represent her school. According to her, their dancing and idol activities will do no good in helping get prospect students. She wants to save the school just as much as everyone else, if so… THEN WHY NOT HELP THEM TO IMPROVE THEIR DANCING!?

Maybe then they may be suitable to represent the school and save it from possible abolition.

Oh wait:



welp ┐(´ー`)┌

I actually enjoyed this episode, it was fun, but this thing with Ayase just hit a nerve. ;;

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