Da Capo III 06 – Ricca is Love

I like how this episode had less fanservice than any previous episode. It catered to us in a different way, like Ricca in various cosplay, but kinda glad it didn’t resort to boob or panty shots.

They were certainty there, but not as great in numbers. lol



It wouldn’t be Da Capo III without some of it~ I think those two shots are the only ones I took! Even I’m surprised… me, being on the look out, hand in keyboard shortcut, ready to take these screenshots. So when I felt that my hands weren’t moving, I felt something was amiss. lol

Focusing the episode on Ricca and how honestly cunning she is was a nice breather.


I actually enjoyed this episode. Well… I enjoyed the previous episode but for some VERY VERY different reasons. Actually made me care about, and look at, the the girl named Ricca rather than HEHEEHEHE BEWBS AND PANTIES~

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