Doki Doki Precure 02

Oh, well… that didn’t go as I expected. She didn’t become a precure this episode! lol

Being Mana’s best friend, Mana couldn’t keep a secret from her, so she just blatantly told her about the fairies, the transforming, and the monsters. And just like any true friend would take it, Rikka thought Mana was bullshitting and responded with sarcasm… LOVE THIS GIRL! lol


Seeing is believing so Mana transformed right in front of her. Of course, not like she wanted to… after being told that exposing the secret of being a precure could drag them into their fight, she was reluctant to expose the secret. In the end, she couldn’t keep a secret from her best friend and did it anyway.


www Really?

It IS a traffic light… and it actually helped! lol

She didn’t become a precure, but still did her part in the fight. Next ep should have her become one though~

Also, I liked that there was actual collateral damage due to the fighting… but it all magically went away after the fight ended. That ruined it a bit… I literally grunted in disappointment. I can overlook that though. lol



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