She has one time left in the school year, and she wants to make friends before it ends… WHY CHOOSE THAT TIME TO ENROLL!? www

Is it because it’s her last year? I don’t recall.

But she was cute when she was asking Kagami to be her friend, or practice friend, so she wouldn’t look like such a weirdo and loner. But of course, unconsciously, she caused an Alteration in the world and now EVERY god is after Kagami.

Jealous bunch!


Kagami’s a total badass:



Sasami thinking Kagami didn’t really want to be her friend was all a misunderstanding, they’re both a little awkward when it comes to interacting with people, Kagami used to be an emotionless robot and Sasami a total shut in, so it was bound to happen.

We know they really wanted to be friends, and both finally understood:



2 thoughts on “Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

  1. “Why choose that time to enroll?”
    Well, she wanted to go to school but couldn’t leave her house due to the curse of an evil god, remember?
    The “practice friend” thing reminded me of Haganai.

    • But if she only has one month left of school, why not wait for new term/year. Assuming she isn’t a third year, of course. (Don’t know what year she is…. )

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