Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 04



Sugisaki was surrounded by girls, and was actually doing a pretty good job at being the playboy, and Minatsu got super jealous! What I didn’t expect though, was that Minatsu realized and accepted why she was feeling that way. She didn’t like seeing Sugisaki with others girls and felt stabbing in her heart, she also felt it when Sugisaki was talking about her childhood friend, Asuka.

Minatsu shouldn’t worry about the childhood friend though, statistics say they don’t end up with the MC www

So she makes her move!



But of course, you know it aint going to happen. She does have all the intention, but something somehow will impede the two lips touching. In this case, it was Sugisaki being a total maiden and saying: “Please be gentle.”


But at least Minatsu became aware of her feelings and acted on it. You don’t know how much better of a character this makes her than any other who don’t even realize their feelings. You didn’t get your kiss, so Sugisaki might not be completely sure that you like him-


Oh… welp… now that he knows. How will he take it? Yeah he may have acted like that was not Minatsu and that she was possessed by something, but I know, I hope, he didn’t actually believe that and knows exactly what it means.


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