Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 04

How does it feel to be the one under surveillance, Sasami?

So I was skeptical at watching episode four. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it ‘felt’ like it wrapped up pretty nicely in episode three, howerver, things are still going strong!




The Tsukuyomi household is still trying to get the powers of Amaterasu, so they’re still after Sasami. That’s her father, BTW. This can keep me watching.


That’s what I wanted to know too, Tsurugi. It was a clusterfuck of aliens, secret government agents, priests, and supah robo Kagami.

Also, I’m loving Tsurugi more and more! She’s so awesome~



The one who was watching the surveillance tapes was actually Sasami’s other personality, you know, that hand that grew out of her. She just wants to be free and have her own body.

So Amaterasu, the real one, Tsurugi, being so awesome, used her divine powers and gave her the freedom she wished for.

In the form of a rabbit kept by Kagami~<3


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