Doki Doki Precure 01 – Flawless Precure

Woah, woah, hold on a minute now.

Our main character, Aida Mana (Cure Heart), is a girl who will jump in to help anyone in need, pretty basic for an MC I say. Everyone relies on her, from stopping a fight to aiding a carsick girl. There are other groups who could have taken care of that, but everyone’s first instinct was to call their student council president, Aida Mana.


Yeah, we’ve had dependable cures in the team before, but they were never the ‘center’ of the group, no the ‘leader’. They were pretty normal girls. But Mana, seems to be pretty flawless!

Well, none so far I’ve seen. lol


I also liked how she didn’t bat an eye at the monster crab nor freak out when a stuff animal-like creature started speaking to her. She just normally introduced herself as if meeting someone new! lol

The characters in precure have this ‘okay, sure why not’ when it comes to accepting explanation for what they just witnessed, but this is levels above that, she didn’t question anything at all, wasn’t surprised at anything and simply accepted it.

“oh, I can transform, sure why not”





I felt this was similar to HeartCatch Precure, but rather this time, the darkness in their heart is from one’s own selfishness. The baddies use that darkness, no matter how small or trivial (like cutting in line) and give birth to Selfishness (that’s what the monsters are called).



Cure Sword. What a cool sounding name! lol

Expecting more badassery from her~

I get Cure Moonlight vibes from her, having been fighting since before the beginning of the series, not having worked with team mates before, and (probably) think she should take care of things by herself.

Also, her hair when in civilian form is ugly has hell! I don’t like it… and she’s supposed to be an idol… CAN’T YOU HAVE SOME CUTER STYLE!?


This guy creeped me out. Keep referring to Mana as “My sweet heart.”


We only seen a bit from Mana, so I can’t be totally sure she’s the flawless student council president she is made out to be. There must be something she isn’t good at, no? lol

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