Kotoura-san 03


This bitch (still don’t know her name www) is still bent on making Kotoura have a shitty (school) life. The jealousy of women is a really really ugly thing. And isn’t it her fault Manabe ‘got taken’ from her? She wasn’t assertive towards him, didn’t tell him how she felt about him, nor even spoke to him from what I remember. She only crushed on him from afar. But now that a rival appears, she decides to make her life shitty.


Though this time… she went after Manabe. The fuck?

She lives in a dojo, so when some of the students offered her help, she took the opportunity and acted as if Manabe was a stalker and asked them to roughen him up. It didn’t go as planned, as Manabe ended up in the hospital… and Kotoura is the only one who knows who was behind it all.


But Kotoura being the sweet kind girl she is… didn’t blame her. Didn’t attack her. Didn’t do anything to her. She instead comforted her saying Manabe will be alright. Because he’s Manabe!


And because she is such a good girl, she feels this was her fault. People around her always ended up getting hurt. That’s why she decided to never be close to anyone. But she got close to Manabe, fell in love with him… and he ended up getting (physically) hurt. Everyone around her will end up the same way.

So it’s best if she isn’t around anyone. Away from people.

Kotoura… leaves and disappears from town.



Goddammit, this show…

Also, I thought of having Moritani (looked up her name lol) being part of the group as something I might like, the rival becomes a friend, that sound nice… but now… no, fuck her. To hell with her!

Though I must admit, her being a hateful character is what’s making this anime still interesting to me.

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