Tamako Market 03 – Cool Beauty

We get introduced to a new character. Asagiri Shiori… a cute quiet girl with glasses and a cool aura around her. She has been stealing glances at Tamako and her friends, they catch her attention as they were always having fun. We get the feeling she wants to be part of that group, but because of her personality, the reserved cool character, she only looked from afar. She can’t properly voice her own feelings and because of it, tends to be quiet and comes of as if she’s being bothered by whomever is speaking with her.



lol He fell in love with her!! Tthanks to Dera crushing over her, she got closer to Tamako by visiting her home, cooking dinner, and bathing together.

She had trouble giving her thanks to Tamako for letting her enjoy a fun time, she practiced in front of the mirror but still couldn’t properly convey herself. So when she did and covered her face in embarrassment, it was the cutest part of the episode:



Dera has all the right reason to have fallen in love with her… but…



Oh well, better luck next time, Dera.

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