AKB0048 15-16


Chieri has been enjoying her time in the spotlight. It couldn’t have come at a better time as the General Elections have begun, an election where fans vote for their favorite idols. The top ten are announced to everyone watching, netting them more deal/fans, and the number one spot becomes the Center Nova.


Chieri wasn’t feeling it. She isn’t looking forward to this election. Something is amiss… and it seems she did something before the day of the election. WHAT DID SHE DO!?

Whatever she did, it must be because of her father and his influence. Now that he supports Chieri’s dream of being an idol, he’ll do anything to help her achieve that dream, but only because he wants to see the Kirara Phenomenon. She doesn’t want none of his influence, she want to shine onstage on her own.

Which makes me think she asked to be drop out of the elections. D:

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