Mondaiji 02

Well look at that, this is turning out to be a lot more interesting than I first thought. Going by the first episode, I thought it was going to be quick casino-type games as betting chips and, well… a card game, were introduced. Was only going to keep watching because Kurousagi is adorably cute~


Oops, sorry wrong image.

Ah, here are the ones I was looking for:



Things aren’t what it seems. These games are dangerous and could cost the lives of the players and the citizens of whichever community they’re part of… as the tiger guy up there mentioned, he kidnapped the women and children of other communities to leave them no choice but to accept a Gift Game challenge. Not only that, but he killed all those children because of their incessant crying.

Way to kick the dog, tiger. Now that the three main characters know you’re evil, they’re coming for ya!

They also quite like being the underdogs, so being members of a no name community is right up their alley it seems. lol


And I don’t regret having kept watching~


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