Kotoura-san 02


I’m having conflicted feelings about Kotoura-san. On one hand, I’m glad it still has those heavy themes from the first half of episode one, but on the other hand… keeping those themes means more pain for Kotoura. She finally found someone who doesn’t find her utterly disgusting for being able to read people’s mind… but because no one else is like him and things aren’t completely rainbows and butterflies, Kotoura will still be hurt by others thoughtless thoughts.


And then there are some who would use her. Was disappointed at Mifune. I was thinking she recruited Kotoura to her ESP Research club because she finds the supernatural interesting, and now that she found the real thing, she can actually do what her club name implies, research. But she has an agenda and will use Kotoura to fulfill her own objectives.

But my opinion of her quickly changed. She also has a dark past concerning supernatural powers. Her mother had precognition and used it to help the police with their cases. Others called her a fake and drove her to a corner… where she chose to commit suicide.


Realizing what she had done to Kotoura, inadvertently making her the target to bullying, and reflecting on what she had done, she turned a new leaf also?


This bitch though… is still a bitch.

But considering the OP and ED sequences, she may become a member of the group (and club) in the future… so maybe she will also turn a new leaf for the better.

She may become a rival to Kotoura, as she also likes Manabe… but Manabe confessed that he liked Kotoura, so she has no chance! lol



Glad Kotoura-san didn’t completely abandon what it was in the first half of the first episode didn’t completely job changed to romantic love comedy. Having a piece of both have made this anime one of my favorites this season.

I’m not quick to call favorites, it’s only been two episodes, but Kotoura-san has quickly become one~

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