Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 02

Oh, okay. I see. Everything that happened in the second half of the first episode makes more sense now. Sasami’s brother holds the power of Amaterasu, a major deity of Shinto religion. God(dess) of the sun (and whole universe, apparently) who commands all other gods. And because Amaterasu is in Kamiomi, everything bends to match […]

Kotoura-san 02

I’m having conflicted feelings about Kotoura-san. On one hand, I’m glad it still has those heavy themes from the first half of episode one, but on the other hand… keeping those themes means more pain for Kotoura. She finally found someone who doesn’t find her utterly disgusting for being able to read people’s mind… but […]

Senran Kagura 02

I wonder why frogs are legendary spirit animals. I know it’s because of the Legend of Jiraiya, but why’s Jiraiya choose a frog? I don’t quite see how it can make a ninja more awesome. lol (BTW, it may be because of the rock/paper/scissors equivalent they had at the time: frog/slug/snake) The frog is Asuka’s […]

Tamako Market 02

TSUN DAD LOL OMFG THIS! Tamako’s father, Mamedai, is very adamant about sticking to tradition and having his mochi follow suit. But watching his daughter work hard to make the shopping district’s Valentine event a success, he had a change of heart and made heart shaped mochi with chocolate inside. Aww~ lol