OreShura 02

Oh, so Chihuahua used to be a kendo beauty? Man, that puts her up higher in the list! lol

The sad part is ‘used to’. She no longer participates in matches nor is part of the club. Not because she doesn’t want to, but because of a serious injury which makes her unable to (heavily) practice or participate in kendo matches. Which is why she’s doing all these crazy other things to get popular. She’s putting that energy into something new.


I see her in a better light now… starting to like her more! lol


But still, she doesn’t hold a candle to Silver! She’s so evil! She made Chihuahua think she would get popular with a guitar.

Or rather, a guitar case with nothing in it, just carrying around should is good enough, apparently. And it sorta kinda worked, and she got a good laugh out of it.

That was before she knew about Chihuahua’s circumstances, but I think she’s still going to mess with her, this might be something she’ll do every episode.


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