Kotoura-san 01

This was… quite the ride. I had no expectation whatsoever going into this. I didn’t even know what it was about. So the utterly depressing mood and setting creeped up on me.




Those were some effectively soul crushing faces she made D:

Kotoura can hear what others are thinking, an ability she can’t control. So after her friends left her and nobody wanted to be near her, even her parents don’t want her, because their thoughts would be read, she has given up all hope and decides to live alone… No contact with anyone.


But then she meets Manabe, and her world completely changes.




I love how it literally changes. The anime’s depressing mood and tone take a complete 180 turn and becomes a romantic love comedy anime! Shit, even the colors are more brilliant and vivid! www





Seriously, this change also crept up on me. I was thinking the series would be depressing and would gradually become lighter as Kotoura san makes friends and learns how to control her abilities. But this is suddenly romantic school comedy! lol



I can’t hate this guy. He knows what he likes and won’t lie to himself about it.

Well, I think this is what Kotoura-san will be about… I’ll bite, for now. lol

One thought on “Kotoura-san 01

  1. I don’t know about Kotourasan, either, but this anime is quite interesting. I think many people including have wanted to have ability to read what others are thinking, but in case of Kotourasan, she cannot control her ability, which is horrible, you know. Episode 1 of Kotoura-san is discribing her dark past and her world’s change through Manabe. This anime will create many fans, I think.

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