Da Capo III 01 – This is Da Capo III?

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Well… I must say. I couldn’t believe what people were saying. They were arguing which anime, Maoyuu or DaCapo III, had the best boob bounce… seriously… (I wish I saved the links ”’orz)

What I couldn’t believe, was that DaCapo was one of those anime! HOLY WTF!? THAT AINT THE DACAPO I REMEMBER!

I was going to watch this regardless, but after hearing about the boob bounce in DaCapo, I had to watch it as soon as I could to see for myself. And shit, they were right! And because it was on my mind, all I took were screenshots of said boobs! lol

I don’t mind it. I’ll only stop watching if I get bored by everything else. DaCapo is about magic, the Cherry Blossom, and sis-con/bro-con love. That formula has kept me watching since the first series.

But to be honest, not really excited for this one…

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