Love Live! 01

Keeping up with the idol theme because… why the hell not? No such thing as too much idol intake… right? I’m watching three idol anime this season! lolol

AKB0048 S2, Aikatsu!, and Love Live!

Oh god… I’m overdosing.

Well, at least they are all very very different that I don’t feel I’m watching the same shit. Some themes are the same though, but of course, they are basically the same genre. Watch the any three anime of same genre and you’ll find the similar theme in all of them.


Don’t worry, she comes around before the episode ends. At least it won’t be a concurring theme! lol

This is more light-hearted than the other idol anime I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about. Their school will close down in three years because no new students enroll, so to save the school and get more students to come, the girls start an idol groups to reel them all in.


Though I must admit, I feel a bit weird with this ‘school idol’ thing. Stupid anime conditioned me to accept the fact that there is always a school idol in every Japanese school. And that means ONLY ONE girl is the girl idol. So seeing a whole group is odd… well, at least for me! lol

But hell, I don’t care as long as they’re cute~




The first episode also has me a bit conflicted, I DON’T KNOW WHO TO PICK AS FAVORITE!

Having a favorite is srsbsns.

First candidate is Sonoda Umi.


As you saw from those screenshots up there, she is supposed to be the serious type, but still fantasizes about how she would look/act as an idol. Also, her blushing face is so damn adorable!!

Then she has Mimori Suzuko as her voice actress! EARGASM! Especially when she’s using that refined ojou-sama speech pattern. You know, like Himawari from YuruYuri, that’s the role where I really started paying attention.

One more thing… THEM THIGHS~


Next candidate, Kousaka Honoka.


She’s an airhead. The ‘genki’ and optimistic type. And the driving force of everything. She’s the one who planned to used the school idol project as a way to save the school she adores.

The thing I love the most about her… are her face reactions! (The anime in general has great face reactions, but most where from Honoka)





And finally, Yazawa Niko.


I know nothing about this girl. I just saw her on the opening sequence and NUTTBLADDER EXPLOSION!

Good enough reason. lolol

I hear there are nine of them, so I can’t pick a favorite ’till I get to see all of them. For now, Umi is lead contender!

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