AKB0048 – To Be Next Stage

Thirteen episodes of AKB0048 in two days. Done. Finished. Time well spent, NO REGRETS!

I’ve said it before, I didn’t know how fantastic and awesome this anime was. Just looking at it and learning of its premise put me off… I mean, shouldn’t I be eating this up? I’m all for cute girls, and cute idols, so how can you go wrong when you add them to a guerrilla setting and put them in the front-lines of a battlefield. Putting their life on the line just to bring a concert to planets which ban on this type of entertainment.

Then there are skirmishes between the understudy members over who should be selected as a core member. The previous generation who have yet to debut, or the new current generation who have so much talent this Sensei-sensei thing specifically wrote a new song for them? Should you continue supporting the idol you so much adore at the risk of you discarding your dream, or work hard and become her replacement… ending her dream?

Idol business is srsbsns.


I have a bit of regrets not watching this when it was airing. I like that week long wait between episodes, it adds more tension and you can’t wait to see what’s next episode has in store. Watching them back to back is still enjoyable and a huge blast, but I feel I missed out a bit…

This time though, I won’t feel like I’m missing out. The second season of AKB0048 as started along with many new Winter anime and I can’t wait to start watching. There are a few things which interest me and want to see. For example, the Center Nova phenomenon and who is this Sensei-sensei who dictates the idols’ activities and decides who should be on the core team.

Onto the next stage~

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