AKB0048 – Best Anime I Didn’t Watch

Oh man, what was wrong with me? When I first heard of this anime back before it started airing, I brushed it off because it looked stupid. C’mon… and anime based on a real idol group, AKB48? Pfftt… fuck that dumb shit.

And now that it has finished airing and I kept on hearing people being super excited for the second season, I looked it up a bit and visited some anibloggers’ sites to see what the big deal. (I stopped reading aniblogs long ago.) Looking at the screenshots and wondering if this really was the anime I brushed off… I decided to give it a try.

The premise is indeed stupid as hell, just as I thought. But cute girls fighting while dancing and singing makes for some entertaining action! Then there’s mechs, guys in Halo suits, space battles, and those same cute girls on hoverboards beating the shit out of those guys.


This is only two episodes, hope it keeps it up!

2 thoughts on “AKB0048 – Best Anime I Didn’t Watch

  1. To be sure, it’s better to go into this while knowing basics of AKB48, such as the composition of Group A at least, for the moment when WOTAs reveal Tsubasa’s identity. But on the other hand, it is all explained later for the uninitiated anyway.

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