Aikatsu! – Catching Up

There’s so many new anime which have started to air, so why did I set a whole day just to watch this!? BECAUSE CUTE IDOLS!

It’s fun to watch, and that’s all I really care about. But it leaves me feeling wanting more from Aikatsu! This anime is aimed at little girls to teach them about being yourself, working hard for your dream, and treasuring your friends. Little girls are the target, so grown ass men will eat this shit up!


And because it’s for those girls, everything is rainbow and butterflies. This is a school of idols, and only one can be top idol, so it’s obvious there will be rivals. Hell, our two heroines, Aoi and Ichigo, compete on many contest to be the top winner but in the end, are still great friends.

What I want from this is a bitchy rival character who I’ll love to hate. That mean character who would give our heroines a true challenge.

But alas, I don’t see that happening any time soon. And that’s alright, I still enjoy watching it… that is… except for the computer generated dances.

Oh god…

How can I not get used to this? So many Precure endings and I still can’t come to like the CG! www

I hear there’s CG in Love Live! too, another idol anime. But before that, I’m off to watch AKB0048.


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