Maoyuu 01

I’ll just go out and say it. The more simplistic art (compared to the manga) of the anime really really made me not even want to watch this anime. I was excited when I heard of an anime adaptation, but when I saw how it looked, it was a huge let down.

My fault, of course. I imagined a totally eyegasmic anime with fantastic art visuals because I thought, for some reason, it would look like the manga. Of course I would get excited, I mean, look at it!


Sadly, the anime isn’t Ishida Akira-ish.

Still watched it though, everyone and their mothers were talking about it and my Twitter timeline was filled with Maou-sama’s economy plans.

I’ll give it a few more episodes and let my love for Ishida Akira’s art for Maoyuu calm down a bit as I get used to the anime version. People post pics left and right so it shouldn’t take long. lol


As for the episode itself: There were differences from the manga, that illusion lamp thing and Maou-sama’s creepily hugging a home made dakimakura of Hero, but it was still fun to watch. More economy talk with Fukuyama Jun and Koshimizu Ami is all good.

Which reminds me… haven’t watched 2nd season of Spice & Wolf. lol

One thought on “Maoyuu 01

  1. Its like I said in my blog too. Twelve episodes are too cramped for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha story. The first episode was too fast where it didn’t show how process of Hero’s change mind from opposite to become supporter of Demon lady.

    Or its marketing strategy where the anime is one of media in order to force anime fans to read the manga or light novel for further detail. Its opposite side of Spice & Wolf series.

    I cannot give final judgement until I watch how the animator are showing the important part of Maou Yuusha story, such as, Aurora island battle, Scholar Heretic declaration, Maou’s corruption into dark side, etc.

    Wait & see.

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