Kokoro Connect – Ugh… One of Those Endings…

You have reasons to be in tears, Inaba. Kokoro Connect had one of those shitty endings I hate so much.

I should be glad though. My ship didn’t sink like they tend to do. So this should be a great ending for me, but it’s not. It’s utter shit. Why?

Because of that damn 180 degree turn in the MC’s, in this case, Taichi’s, feelings.

We spent the WHOLE freaking series seeing him head over hill over Iori. He confessed and even everyone else knew his feelings for her… but then, at the last freaking episodes… at the last ten minutes even, after ‘breakin up’ with Iori, HE FREAKIN’ SWITCHES TO INABA!


I wouldn’t have any problems with this if he showed at least as much interest in Inaba as he did in Iori. Yeah, he likes Inaba and cares for her, but he never said it was in a romantic way but as a dear friend to him (like the rest of the club members), so this switch is hard for me to accept.

kokoro-connect_17 (2)

3 thoughts on “Kokoro Connect – Ugh… One of Those Endings…

    • When was that? 2008? Dang, can hardly remember so I can’t really say much. D:

      If Ryuuji’s love interest abruptly changed like Taichi’s did, I’m pretty sure I would have posted something.

  1. Agree completely. Iori is cute as heck. Team Inaba is clearly made up of fans who like masculine female characters.

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